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With a team with over 20 years of cannabis experience, our mission is to be a leading provider of cannabis in Bangkok, Thailand.. We truly believe in the many benefits of cannabis and we put our customers first by providing clean, quality products from outdoor organics to Indoor Hybrids!

With plans to offer boutique marijuana flowers and craft products including edibles and much more, Bangkok Bud's,  Bangkok marijuana retail, cultivator, and manufacturer, upholds a high standard of customer service and knowledgeable budtenders that can accommodate customers' specific needs.

At Bangkok Bud's we care! and its part of our mission to gain the trust and aid in the education of our customers so they can make their best cannabis decisions. It’s important to us that we give back, involve ourselves in our community and do our part to educate to public and break down the stigma associated with Cannabis. 

In Thailand Cannabis or Ganja just recently got taken off category 5 narcotics list so the concept coffee shop's and  buy weed Bangkok online is new.
Bangkok Marijuana sells are just legal.


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