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Can I take cannabis on domestic flights in Thailand?

We ask the Airports of Thailand (AOT) to find out the truth. AOT manages Thailand’s airports and sets the procedures for airport staff to follow.

“Passengers who wish to bring legal cannabis or cannabis products on domestic flights are advised to pack it in their checked baggage. The reason is that cannabis items carried on board must be inspected by staff from the Narcotics Control Board and would cause a delay during security checks.”

The Office of Narcotics Control Board will still undertake inspections of “cannabis items” at security to ensure that no extracts with high levels of THC – which are illegal – get on board.

Passengers over 20 years old are welcome to bring cannabis flowers, with no limit on THC content, onto domestic flights but are strongly advised to pack them in their checked baggage. Cannabis extracts containing no more than 0.2% THC are also permitted, which should also go into checked baggage. In summary…

Yes, cannabis can be taken on domestic flights in Thailand by passengers over 20 years old. Note: it is strongly advised to pack cannabis and cannabis products into your checked baggage to avoid delays at security.

If you really wanted to carry cannabis in your hand luggage, it might still fly, but will be up to the discretion of an officer from the Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) and could cause significant delays at security. If you weren’t planning on checking in any bags, do not fear. Wherever you are flying to, cannabis is never far away in Thailand. Please note that it is illegal to take cannabis out of Thailand’s borders.

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