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Joint, Spliffs & Blunts

Joints are basically strains of cannabis rolled within a rolling paper built for this very purpose. You have a variety of rolling papers available on the market. These papers differ in type (rice, Bamboo, hemp, etc.), flavor (cherry, grape, etc.), color, size, and thickness.

The thickness of a rolling paper is a significant parameter in defining your cannabis smoking experience. For instance, a thinner paper may have a very mild taste to it (which is good since it will not offset the actual aroma of your strain), but it will burn much faster than a thicker one and vice versa.

A filter is attached to the joint for the user to draw the smoke from. It also allows you to keep your fingers from burning when the joint is about to end. You can try out different combinations of these to find and amplify your experience with a joint.

Spliffs when it comes to rolling papers, both joints and spliffs use the same. You have a variety to choose from based on the kind of experience you’re looking for and what suits you best. The key difference between a joint and a spliff is that the latter also has some tobacco content in it.

The presence of tobacco contributes to an energized and uplifted feeling, which is often why some common users prefer opting for a spliff instead of a joint. A liberty that spliff users have is that they can set the mixture of tobacco and cannabis-based on their own preferences.

Blunts you can think of a blunt as cannabis inside a cigar. A blunt wrap or cigar contains a roll with cannabis inside of it, making that cigar a blunt. Similar to a spliff, blunts also have a strong hit since their wraps are made up of tobacco itself.

The best part about blunts, and probably the reason why users switch to blunts, is that it is longer than a spliff or a roll. A greater length translates into more smoking time, that too with the added hit from tobacco. Some users also cut open a cigar and insert a cannabis roll inside to enjoy the experience of a blunt.

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