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Thailand Cannabis - Government and Community standing

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

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General Update July the 21st

Bangkok Bud's opened 20th of July Since June 2022 Cannabis (Ganja) is no longer on the prohibited list of Drugs (Category 5 ) people in Thailand can now grow cannabis plants at home and sell the crop after the nation removed marijuana from its banned narcotics list.

As short term solution Cannabis is currently under “Traditional Medicine Wisdom Protection and Promotion Act” to prevent its abuse, especially among youngsters. People who can access the controlled herb must be over 20 years old and that pregnant and breast-feeding women are barred from access with out medical prescription. As foreigner you can grow in Thailand for personal use up to 6 plants (June 22), but selling of the produced falls under the Foreign Business Act.

IMPORTANT: People who smoke pot in public in Thailand will be subject to a potential three-month jail sentence and a fine of more than $700!

Cannabis in Thailand was first illegal in 1922.

To eradicate the stigma Cannabis has for generation's we will need time, education and the understanding of the many benefits that Marijuana can bring.

Bangkok Bud's delivers Cannabis in Bangkok and world wide and we take soil test at our partner farm to make sure our Organic offers are really Organic and High quality products.

Try our Organic Section We do not provide legal advice in any kind of form. Reply

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